Witchcraft gift set with 30ml cologne oil and 50ml multi balm. This is the perfect set for skin and beardcare. The oil is all natural base ingredients with avocado, borage and grape seed oils to give your skin the nourishment it needs from lost natural oils throughout the day. This will nourish the skin and lock in the nutrients leaving you skin smooth and feeling refreshed as well as smelling great. For beardcare this will eliminate dry itchy skin and put back the oils lost. Your beard will feel softer and more manageable. The blend of frankincense, amber, vanilla, patchouli, Cedarwood and myrrh gives you a dark sweet and earthy scent. Great for winter days or summer nights.

The multi balm acts as a moisturiser and locks in all the goodness so your skin feels soft and nourished. The same scent profile but with our multi balm this can be used as a hand cream, a beard balm or even as an overnight beard butter. Made with aloe gel, jojoba butter, Shea butter, borage oil and coconut with a cosmetic grade gold mica. This is a perfect day or night product great if you work in harsh environments or suffer from dry skin.

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