Wildwood is part of the Wilderness range of men’s grooming. Designed for the outdoors adventurous man. All natural ingredients with the essential oils of Ho Wood and Cedarwood. A great anti bacterial product which has a natural antiseptic.


Multi balms : Great for the beard and the skin. Made from all natural ingredients with Shea butter, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Bees wax and vitamin E. Multi balm is perfect for use on your skin, whether it is used as a hand moisturiser or as a beard balm. Balms help eliminate skin irritation and promote healthy hair and skin.


What is a Multi Balm? A multi balm is a hybrid between a hard balm and a butter. We have balanced the butters and beeswax to give this balm a good consistancy. Multi balm is for skin and hair, so this can be used as a moisturising barrier for your hands, arms, face or just as good as a beard balm to moisturise your underskin, replace the lost oils in your beard and keep fly away hairs in place.



Safety: All products meet the legal requirements and have been safety tested with allegen reports submitted for a CPSR ( cosmetic product safety report ). We always recommend doing a test patch on your skin before use to be sure you have no irritation or reaction. If you need further advice or questions please feel free to ask.


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