A great gift set is our Wilderness range beard butter takeaway set. All 6 of our wilderness beard butters in one box.
Timberwolf - sandalwood and bergamot nice and light with a woody scent and citrus undertone.
Icebreaker - Peppermint and Aniseed refreshing blast of cool peppermint with a nice warmer feel from the Aniseed.
Adventure - frankincense and grapefruit light musky scent with uplifting citrus freshness
Canyon - patchouli and lime an earthy feel with a punchy citrus lime to wake the senses. 
Wildwood - Ho Wood And Cedarwood a very woody scent with a floral undertone.
Blackwood - Ylang ylang And Mandarin a nice floral fresh scent with sublime citrus tones

Wilderness 6 beard butter takeaway set