RustyBear Co Ground Coffee




Fresh ground coffee in a 250g pouch. Perfect for your french press, moka stove top pot, dripper or filter machine. Choose from the many flavours listed in our drop down menu. Great tasting coffee with notes of classic flavours like Vanilla or Caramel to the more outragious flavours like Liquorice or Cardamom. Some are perfect as a breakfast coffee like the Apple Danish whilst others like our best seller, Black Cherry & Chocolate, make for a perfect after dinner coffee. Why not add a little dram and make it a liquer coffee. Perfect for iced lattes adding extra flavour, or even add to ice cream for more intense coffee flavour. The possibilties are endless just go with your imagination and create your own masterpiece. 


All coffee is roasted by craft roasters in the UK and beans are sourced from fair trade suppliers.




Our trade packs consist of a pack of 4 of flavoured coffee pouchs . Each trade pack is 4 of the same flavour. If you have a retail store please ask about any promotional display units, POS stands that maybe available. With a SSP from £9.99 - £12.99 per pouch. As a RustyBear reseller you are entitled to use our images for promotional purposes.

Ground Coffee | 250g Flavoured Ground Coffee